Fitness Classes Tawas City MI

Weight Loss Tawas City MI

At Huron Sports, you get the full package for those interested in their health and fitness. Our facility includes:

  • State of the art equipment: At Huron Sports, we offer top-notch equipment for all of your exercise needs. Whether you are interested in weight loss, improving muscle tone or building your core strength, we have the weights, machines and sporting goods to assist you. You can find it all at our facility, including treadmills, elliptical machines, kettlebells, stationary bikes and paddle boards in Tawas City, MI. Additionally, our fitness center includes an indoor pool and an indoor golf simulator—perfect for those who want to continue their warm weather sports all year round.
  • Private and group training: When you join our fitness club, you gain access to some of the absolute best instructors and personal trainers around. We offer a variety of group fitness classes, including boot camp classes and Zumba. If you want to work privately, we also have a number of personal trainers who can help you develop a fitness program and hold you accountable to getting the most out of your exercises. There is no need to go it alone at Huron Sports.
  • Sporting goods shop: As your full service fitness center, we also have a premier sporting goods shop in which you can find an extensive collection of the finest brands in sports gear. Whether you are interested in purchasing workout clothing or equipment such as helmets, training gear or even snorkeling equipment in Tawas City, MI, we have what you are seeking. Visit our fully stocked shop and speak with our sales’ representatives today.

We carry the following brands:

  • U.S. Diver
  • Imagine
  • O’Brien Water Sports
  • Paddle Boards by Dolsey

Bicycle Sales and Repairs

At our bicycle shop in Tawas City, MI, you will be able to choose from an array of mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers and hybrids. Our sales associates are knowledgeable about bikes and can assist you with any questions you might have. Additionally, we offer bicycle repair in Tawas City, MI, for any type of bike, whether you bought it through us or somewhere else.

We offer a number of top bike brands, including Schwinn and GT Bicycles.

Health Club

Fitness is a full package and includes not only the exercise we do, but what we consume. At our health club, you can find a huge selection of vitamins and supplements to help you fully develop your body to optimal shape. Talk to our nutritionists who can recommend the right products for you.

Among our nutrition supplies, we offer:

  • American Body Building Supplements
  • Cytosport Supplements
  • Eniva Neutraceutical Supplements


Our beautiful sauna is the perfect place to relax after a rigorous workout. We have a luxurious steam room and other amenities perfect for you to ease your muscles and take a much-deserved break.

Tanning Salon

Get that summer glow all year round in our premier tanning salon. We have a number of packages from which you can choose, whether you want a one-time tanning or you want to maintain your tan year-round.

For a world-class fitness center, call Huron Sports at 989-362-0464 and find out why our clients turn to us for all their exercise and health needs.