Come join us for Fitness on Demand™ in our brand new cardio theater.

HUNDREDS of classes are at your fingertips. Work at your own pace, pick your own intensity level, and choose a class time that works best for you! 

So, how does it work?

Pick what class you want from the kiosk. Spin classes, yoga, dance, martial arts, you name it - it's on there!

Once you pick a class, its projected on to our big screen. Yes, big screen! Not just a T.V. 

Then BAM! You do your workout.

We provide the props:

Bicycles, yoga mats, kettlebells, steps, etc. Up to 6 people can do a spin class, so bring your friends!

Classes can also be streamed on your own phone or tablet if you are in the facility. 

Use of the cardio studio will be $1 each time, and is currently only 

open during staffed business hours.