Personal Training


Basic Training Package


3 Sessions $60

Our basic training package includes 3 different workout routines designed to meet your individual fitness goals. This familiarizes you with the equipment, exercises, heart rate zones and keeps you motivated!

 We dial into your goals, work around injuries, and present a program that is the level you need to begin with so you don’t get discouraged and you see results faster. 

Advanced Training

1 Session $25

6 Sessions $115

12 Sessions $ 225

Personal Trainers

Kane Kelly - NFPT Master Trainer

Kane Kelly is the owner of Huron Sports & Fitness and has over 30 years experience with personal training. Kane has competed in over 60 bodybuilding shows and 20 power-lifting competitions. He has earned numerous state and national titles in bodybuilding and power-lifting over the years. Kane uses his expertise in training, dieting, and nutrition to design a custom workout regimen and/or meal plan to meet the health and fitness goals of each client. 

Anna Caldwell - NASM Personal Trainer


Anna Caldwell instructs our HIIT and ZUMBA® classes and does personal training as well! She has a knack for taking her intense workouts from her group classes and applying them to individual training routines. Anna is currently training for her first women’s figure competition this year. She is a busy mom of four and understands the struggles of balancing life and fitness, so she is always there for motivation when you need it.